Risking is Better Than Regretting. 


In this very rare and first time in human history- you and I are able to pick what we read, what music we listen to, what we want to do with our lives, and prejudice of minorities is at an all time low. This is all on top of the fact that there was a 1 in 400 trillion chance for you and I to become human beings. How fucking cool is that?!?


We live in a time where you can do anything without being seen as a hypocrite. You can go take care of your body at the gym, and also get plastered on a Friday night. You can pull up to the farmer's market, while listening to gangster rap.. Anything you enjoy cannot classify you as a hypocrite anymore. It just defines the unique you


And we will do anything, because taking risks is the most important. We don't play it safe, because we could die wondering what it would be like. We buy that cake, we go to that party, we hustle 14 hours a day instead of that 9-5 thing, we just enjoy taking anything to new heights to make this one life we have a memorable one. Such a cool struggle. And even though we invented a drink that prevents you from having a rough next morning after a night out, this invention is only one of the things helping us carry out our mission. We are here to improve the quality of this crazy lifestyle you and I have. 


The hustle, booze, fitness, and bean bags. That sums it up we think..


We have a very cool Instagram with photos we worked very hard to create. Join us, and let's enjoy some cool photos together. But most importantly, let's LIVE.